About Us


Hello! We are Sam and Pete. Two 30-something-year-olds native to Texas and Washington. We met in Seattle a little over nine years ago and have been together for six. We both work in digital media and love to travel, hike, and cook - super original, we know.

Together, we've lived in both Seattle and Los Angeles, with separate stints in Dallas (Sam) and Colorado Springs (Pete) in our youth. We adore all, but have a special fondness for anywhere that lets us wear flip flops and graphic tees year round.

We've got a pup named Wick that we affectionately call Dog. She's a three-year-old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and she adores trailer life. She'll greet you with the angriest bark, but the biggest tail wag. She's friendly, we promise!

We ended up as full-timers through a series of insignificant events. While living in downtown Seattle, we were on the hunt for a condo to call our own. Our dream home popped up - top floor, city views, favorite location, within our price range - and we didn't want it. Neither of us wanted to pull the trigger, and that's when we realized that we just weren't ready to put down roots. We talked about moving abroad or moving to another city, but found both of those commitments slightly risky. Then, Sam finally talked Pete into visiting their local Airstream dealership (Airstream Adventures Northwest, ftw!). Two weeks later we owned a truck, a trailer, and reckoned we'd figure everything else out along the way. 

We started this site to help friends and family keep track of where we are, so join us! Come say hi! And shoot us a message!

You can contact us here.