Packing List: Bathroom & Laundry

* Majority of these links are Amazon links. By no means do we think Amazon has the best prices, but the convenience has been vital to our purchases. 


Microfiber Towels, 2-pack, Ultralight and Quick-Drying Towels by The Friendly Swede

These towels are amazing. They're the best quick-drying towels we've ever owned. 



IKEA Torkis Laundry Hamper

We went back to IKEA FOUR times to find this laundry basket. It fits perfectly on the floor of our shower with plenty of room for laundry, detergent, and our fabric softener. It also doubles are a large basin for cleaning if we need.


InterDesign Orbz Bathroom Shower Tote

Sam's hair is too long to shower in the trailer. This tote fits our shampoo, razor, and soap with plenty of room to spare. It fits perfectly next to our laundry hamper on the floor of the shower.



Locals Black with Black Strap Slipper

Shower shoes! Can't forget these suckers.



No Rinse Bathing Wipes

Sam loves these. It's a nice quick clean for those long travel weekends where a shower isn't going to happen.



Amazon Elements Baby Wipes, Unscented

We originally bought these for Dog. But, let's be real, the entire family uses them after a trip to the toilet.