Frequently Asked Questions


Who Are You? 

Hello! We are Sam and Pete - Two 30-something-year-olds native to Texas and Washington.

Read more about us here.


Why Airstream? What type is Boat? Can we see photos?

Boat is a 2013 Airstream Flying Cloud 28W. 

Airstream was our only option.


Why Boat?

Our friends suggested we buy a boat. Sam doesn't have sea legs, so this was the next best alternative. The name stuck.


What's your TV?

2017 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT. So far, she's the favorite vehicle we've ever owned. Plenty of room for Dog, too.


What is Dog?

Dog is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. She's 100 pounds and filled with attitude. She's a little dumb, but at least she's pretty (or we like to think so), and we love her to pieces.



What do you guys do?

We both work in digital media.


How long do you plan to do this?

Great question, we have no idea. Hopefully, 3+ years, with an understanding that we can call it a day, any day.


RV Parks or Campgrounds?

Both! But primarily RV Parks. Our jobs rely heavily on internet and we're a little apprehensive to go completely off the grid. If anyone has suggestions/recommendations please share!


Where to next? Can we visit?

Follow our plans here: Travel Map

And yes! We hope to continue to have our itinerary mapped out 6 months in advance. If we're ever in a spot that interests you, just give us a holler and let's make it happen.



Something else you want to know? Message us here: Contact Us