Carlsbad, CA

Carlsbad, you were swell, but I am in no mood to write and I'm already over a week late in publishing this post. So you get bullet points. It's not you, it's me.

  • South Carlsbad State Beach

We stayed in our first California State Park and we were underwhelmed. Probably our fault as we came into this leg of the trip thinking that it would be our favorite. Premium spot, check. Ocean views, check. California, check. Unfortunately, it was just kind of meh - questionable facilities, questionable neighbors, questionable everything. Maybe we've gone bougie? We've probably gone bougie.

  • Oceanside/Carlsbad/Encinitas/Del Mar/La Jolla

We've been to Carlsbad a handful of times over the years to see my sister and her family. We love it, but those visits were typically filled with homemade margaritas and a whole lotta naps. Meaning, we never really explored any of these ADORABLE beach towns. Tacos! SandiesAmerican small plates! Craft cocktails! Complete with flip-flop weather, beach strolls, and sea lions.

  • San Diego

We took a Saturday to head down and adventure San Diego proper. We found ourselves at an old haunt in Old Town for cocktails. We drove though Mission Bay reminding ourselves that we should run more (or should start running). We walked the harbor and marveled at the nautical diversity. We made a quick stop at Petco Park so I could pee. We explored Little Italy and ate all of the pastas. We skipped the zoo. 

  • Disneyland

We took a day off to head up to Disneyland! We matched shirts. We matched fanny packs. We ate turkey legs. We tiki-ed. We people watched. 

  • Family Time/Hawaii

Family. Swissies. Hawaii. Fireball. Poke. Plate lunch. Hiking. Ho-homecooked meals. More Mickey. A reminder how fun it is to be Auntie and Uncle. JUST Auntie and Uncle.


Photos when I feel like it.



Things we miss:

Sam misses slot canyons and fanny packs.

Pete misses The Watchman.

Dog misses friendly doggos with antlers (campsite deer).

Things we love:

Sam loves sushi within walking distance.

Pete loves the Pacific Ocean.

Dog loves the Pacific Ocean.

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