Ketchum, ID

And we're Idaho bound! With a promise of no more 9-hour driving days, we stopped just short of the NV/ID border in a little gambling town called Jackpot. At just $25 a night we were at the center of town - three casinos and four restaurants-ish. Plenty to keep us occupied and some pretty good Mexican food to boot. And I won! It was swell.

Early Sunday afternoon, we pulled into The Meadows, a small RV park three miles south of Ketchum and steps away from Wood River Trail (bike path connecting Bellevue to Sun Valley). We were offered the "best" spot in the park for our three week stay. We unhitched, cruised into town for a late lunch, and did a little grocery shopping at the local market. It was the perfect Sunday arrival. Until the sun went down. With roughly fifteen minutes of daylight left, we flipped on the interior lights and left the door open (with the screen door closed) to let in the cool breeze. This proved to be the worst decision we've yet to make while we've been on the road. THOUSANDS of insects descended upon Every. Single. Light. It was chaos; covering all open orifices as we fought our way to the bathroom to figure out a solution. We ended up turning off all lights except one (as bait) and spent the next 30 minutes squashing bugs. It was a thing of nightmares and haven't kept the door open past 5pm since.

Early Monday morning, Pete left for a week long work conference in Park City, UT. It was just me, the pup, and the most curious neighbors I’ve encountered. Solo female with a dog screams curiosity, I suppose, and I was(am) pretty grateful that Dog isn't exactly the friendliest when surprised. Otherwise, the week went by quietly. I got some extra work done, walked many a mile on the bike path, remembered what it's like to cook for one (= frozen dumplings for dinner), and truly enjoyed a few days of just me and pup. 

Pete came home eager to hear about what I'd explored. Nothing, husband, not sorry. Making up for "lost" time, we were determined to explore the town before Pete left later in the week for his(our) family's annual Mettler Golf Tourney. We headed up to Redfish Lake and got a little tipsy while paddle boating. We went hiking in the meadows just north of Ketchum (can I gush over how beautiful Idaho is? I mean, wow!). We brunched, we prime ribbed, and we burgered with some of Pete's old-coworkers-turned-friends, Susan, Mark, and their adorable daughter Marlo. They gave us a rundown of small town life, we compared nostalgic stories of Seattle, and we shared our reasons for leaving the Emerald City.

Susan and Mark left the corporate grind for small town Ketchum about five years ago to start their own business specializing in selling American-made goods by independent makers, Independent Goods. Their store is beautiful, smartly curated, and we are in awe of what they have accomplished. We’ve watched many friends take the plunge into small business and whether it's beautifully handcrafted bags (Sea+Pine), charitable Washington inspired lids (50/50 Lids), stunningly designed baby clothes (Toora Loora), or astute legal advice (The Law Office of Jordan Michael New), we consider ourselves lucky to be surrounded by such smart, ambitious individuals. We hope to find something we’re passionate about and take our own plunge one day. We’re thinking minced pork food truck.

Late Thursday evening, Pete left for the Mettler. We had decided early on in the year that Dog and I would not be making the trip as leaving our house behind (in a city we didn’t know) wasn't something either of us were comfortable with. The FOMO was real, but I made the best of it. That Saturday, I slept in and watched 5 seasons of Suits. I promised myself I’d go hiking on Sunday only to be greeted with an intense haze and an early "hello" from fire season. I scratched the hike. I re-organized the trailer. I begged Pete to bring home some of Aunt Nini's potato salad. I scrubbed the floors. I tinkered with our finances. It was an exceptional weekend and a pleasant reminder of how nice it is to sometimes do nothing.

Pete came home eager to hear about what I'd explored. Nothing, husband, still not sorry. We finished our last week strong. We went to the symphony up at Sun Valley Lodge - an evening that resembled many of our Hollywood Bowl nights in LA. We hung out with Mark and Susan. We went shopping at Independent Goods. We went ice skating! I've BEGGED Pete to go ice skating together for years. YEARS! I grew up skating competitively and was eager to get Pete on the ice and share one of my favorite past times. He killed it! He was amazing! I was so impressed! But really, he tried so good. Guess badminton’s next.

Thank you, Ketchum, you were the refreshing stop we didn’t know we needed. We’ll be back for Wagon Days before you know it!


Things we miss:

Sam misses Heidi's Bier Haus slot machines.

Pete misses walkable Starbucks.

Dog misses her friendly neighborhood dog park.

Things we love:

Sam loves free summer symphony shows.

Pete loves negisaba.

Dog loves long bike path walks.

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