Malibu, CA

I arrived in Los Angeles during Sunday's brunching hour after a 6-hour flight from the east coast. Pete, having become accustomed to two-terminal municipal airports, had a bit of a meltdown navigating his way through the busy lanes of LAX. After a few loops through the airport, two frantic phone calls, one accidental exit onto the 105, and an offer that I Uber to him, Pete found his way to Terminal 7’s pick-up location. It was fine, I had snacks. Upon his arrival, I greeted him with kisses, thank yous, and sorrys. Pete was a rockstar during that weekend and I am grateful for his confidence and flexibility.

Malibu Beach RV Park is a beautiful parking lot perched on a cliff overlooking the PCH and the Malibu coast. Nestled between Solstice and Corral Canyons, it's peaceful, quiet, and a little bit boring. This was our first taste of mildy, just barely “off the grid” living and it came with terrible cell reception / internet. AT&T? No luck, no matter what we did. Verizon? Perfect when Pete was perched up on the roof of Boat holding the tiny antenna for our WeBoost signal booster directly east. Needless to say we had a few Starbucks afternoons and we are thankful for their free internet and endless not-so-free drip coffee. 

We met a few other full-timing Airstreamers at the Park. We shared stories, advice, expectations, and the surprising joy it's been to be a part of a special community. I like to think we're finally getting comfortable with this whole full-timing nomad thing. There's an acceptance to what we don't know how to do and a growing confidence in what we do know how to do. I dig it, and I can't wait for more.

These two weeks were a blur. I drove into the office for a few meetings, demos, and off-site team outings. We snuck in a few of our favorite hikes (Parker Mesa and Temescal) on the westside. We bounced around Malibu, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Larchmont, Burbank, and Glendale. We grabbed meatballs with old teammates, wine and branzino with old classmates, Chinese bbq with old college roommates, Taiwanese with old coworkers, and Mexican with not-so-old cousins. We celebrated an early (dating) anniversary dinner at Animal - where we had our first date almost 5 years ago. And we found a new favorite, Trois Mec

Malibu, we miss you already. We crammed so much into such a short amount of time and you gave us an opportunity to relive the years when we called LA home. Thank you for the quality time with friends, the delicious food, and the tan. Our hearts and bellies are full.


Things we miss:

Sam misses duck liver mousse and perfectly toasted toast.

Pete misses Food Network.

Dog misses sleeping on the bed.

Things we love:

Sam loves Proin.

Pete loves Proin and that Dog no longer sleeps on the bed.

Dog loves Proin.

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