Monterey, CA

Pete and I first visited Monterey in 2014. I’ve got a mad love for aquariums and Monterey’s is one of the best in the country. It was a quintessential Central California weekend (is that a thing?) filled with blacklight jellies, colorful sailboats, early morning hikes, and late night In-N-Out. So, when we were deciding on our first stop with Boat, it felt like the perfect option.

We tried to experience as much of this city as we could while not worrying about experiencing everything. It’s off-season, meaning no wait for a table, all day happy hour, and everything closes by 9pm - perfect for someone who likes to be asleep on the couch by 9:30pm. There were frequent visits to Alvarado St (best nachos at Lallapalooza), the Cannery (amazing view at The Fish Hopper), and the Wharf ($2 happy-hour oysters at Grotto Fish Market and a Crab Louie at SandBar that’s more Crab than Louie). We spent the weekend hiking Big Sur, gallery hopping in Carmel, and touristing Santa Cruz with two dear friends who drove down from SF. Ironically, we skipped the aquarium. I like to think we left something to come back to.

Working full-time from Boat is pretty similar to my Seattle setup plus one major change - laptop, Spotify, BlueJeans, snuggle pup, and one house husband. Pete kept himself busy with many a self-imposed errand. Breakfast and lunch were immaculate meals and we’re talking at least 10 visits to Home Depot for the perfect truck box. What is the perfect truck box, you ask? One from Target, apparently. In all seriousness, we were pretty fortunate that Pete had the free time to finish up the last of our chores that were avoided while we moved (closing accounts, updating insurance, duplicating keys, the sexy stuff). Sadly, gone as quick as it came, Pete’s days of house-husbandry have come to an end. Pete's accepted a remote gig to start at the end of March. Proud of you, babe, sorry you have a job.

As with any move and new home, we have found ourselves in a few situations where we are both unsure of our next steps. Historically, one of us is usually comfortable enough taking the reins and we easily move forward. Now, not so much, and we’re learning to be more explicit in our “I don’t knows.” Relatedly, we’ve labeled these first weeks as “Sam is almost always mostly right, some of the time.” I’m okay with this. For now.

We’ve also learned a few new things about ourselves, individually. For me, I did not realize, in certain circumstances, how readily I'm willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Shoes soaked and stink? Toss’em, livin’ that minimal life. Fridge smells like death? That's fine we don't need it, let’s use the cooler. Water leaks? Burn down the trailer, we had a good run. Luckily for me, Pete likes to “work the problem.” The shoes ended up in the garbage, but the fridge and trailer have survived to see another city. As for Pete, we learned that he can be nice! Who knew!? Not that Pete is mean, but in RV Park land he is the more approachable one of the two of us. He says hi to strangers, gives treats to other pets, and I’m pretty sure he’s got a new pen pal, Larry, the elderly gentleman who runs the Fairgrounds. Who knew my grumpy, curmudgeon of a husband (these are endearing terms in our household) could be so friendly.

In conclusion, Monterey was indeed the perfect re-introduction to California. We leave with lessons learned, plenty of memories, and plenty of things to come back and experience. On to the next!


Things we miss:

Sam misses microwaveable oatmeal.

Pete misses Metropolitan Markets and jamón iberico.

Dog misses peanut butter.

Things we love:

Sam loves $2 happy-hour oysters.

Pete loves that taking out Dog requires no elevator.

Dog loves that taking Pete out requires no elevator.

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