Nashville, TN

  • Overnight in Saulsbury, TN

  • First RV Park with no facilities - not terrible!

  • First time using trailer shower - quite impressive!

  • Big-little city, in a meh way

  • Sandy & Joe!

  • Husk / Milk & Honey / Hattie’s / Mockingbird

  • Not Your Father’s Root Beer

  • Morning runs in Bicentennial Capitol Mall

  • Percy Warner Park

  • Sam’s ultimate dream was to move here. She has changed her mind.

Things we miss:

Sam misses Kura Sushi.

Pete misses not pooping in the trailer.

Dog misses rabbits and wide open spaces.

Things we love:

Sam loves biscuits.

Pete loves shrimp and grits.

Dog loves walks at dusk.

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