Springdale, UT

I have praised southern Utah's beauty and charm ever since visiting a few years ago. So much so, I was nervous that this leg of the trip would be underwhelming for Pete. It was decidedly not. Utah is the best! We love Utah! Let’s live in Utah!


We arrived at Zion Canyon Campground in Springdale, UT - just outside the southern entrance of Zion National Park - on a gorgeous 80 degree Monday afternoon. We unhitched, set up power and water, and off Pete went to Lake Tahoe for a work trip. I spent those first few days in complete awe of our campsite, our home, and in desperate search of usable internet. Pete came home eager to explore. We took the Friday before Memorial Day off to try and beat the crowds during Zion's busiest weekend of the year. We waded The Narrows, summited Angels Landing, hiked Watchman Trail, hoodooed Bryce Canyon, traversed Coral Pink's sand dunes, and marveled at the slot canyons of Buckskin Gulch. It. Was. Awesome. 

The following week we fell back into our normal routine, with the added bonus of knocking out 5 miles hiking Watchman every morning. Working west coast hours provided us an extra hour that we gratefully took advantage of, and, man, it really started the day off right. On the flip side, internet continued to intermittently fail. I set up shop on the outdoor patio of the adjacent hotel while Pete wrestled with the WeBoost in the trailer. It wasn't ideal, but for four days we managed. Evenings were spent cooking, finally! We were finally in a city where it wasn't 100 degrees at 7pm so the idea of cooking outside, or in our tin can, was much less deplorable. The dinner menus: Steak w/sautéed mushrooms, brats w/grilled onions, portobello burgers, paella w/roasted broccolini, and our all time budget friendly favorite - ground beef chili.

And, speaking of budget friendly... when we hit the road, the ultimate goal was to spend less and save more than when we lived in Seattle. We knew it’d be difficult and looked forward to the challenge. Our first two months on the road, our budgets exploded. Many an unexpected purchase for Boat and life on the road, but, really, it was too many Crab Louies and New American small plates in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Worth it? Yes, absolutely, but we were determined to get on track for May. Entering Utah, May 21st, we had roughly $275 for 10 days of expenses. For everything. Oops. Damn you, Vegas and your all you can eat sushi! Luckily, Springdale didn’t have much to offer in pricey evening activities or bougie small plate fare so we were not left wanting. Come June, 1, 2018. We were successfully $23 under budget. Huzzah! Here’s hoping we can keep it up moving forward.

Our time in Utah flew, and we feel like we've only scratched the surface of what it has to offer. So, we'll be back! We've added a few more weeks to southern Utah/northern Arizona in the late fall of this year, and we're excited for more red rock adventuring. For now, on to the next!


Things we miss:

Sam misses all you can eat unagi, cucumber hand rolls.

Pete misses exorbitant tasting menus.

Dog misses nothing about Vegas.

Things we love:

Sam loves 9pm sunsets and evening breezes.

Pete loves his Weber Q1200.

Dog loves evening walks, 80 degree weather, and grass!